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Ian Macleod

Consultant & Hon. Clin. Senior Lecturer in Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology
School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University



Dr R. Iain Macleod

For many years Dr Iain Macleod has been involved in forensic odontology and through this work developed a special interest in palaeopathology and the analysis of human remains, including facial reconstruction. This work has allowed him to assess a variety of figures of specific historical interest including George Buchannan (founder of Edinburgh University) and King Robert the Bruce. Iain’s field of interest has involved extensive collaboration with specialists from many areas and over the years has fuelled what he describes as a passion for history and all it involves. Iain’s historical interests extend into more recent times with the development of the dental profession and an interest into how disease has evolved and been managed over time.


Refereed Articles

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Books, Reports, Chapters and Media Work

Macleod, RI, Hill, B, Heads and Tales - case studies in facial reconstruction. Edinburgh: National Museums of Scotland Pub. Ltd., 2001.

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Macleod, R I, Analysis of the Skull of Sir John Fenwick. Report filed with Hexham (Tynedale) Tourist Board/Border Marches Museum. 1992


Contributor to Beckinsall, S, Hexham: a History Beneath Our Feet. Hexham: Hexham Abbey Press, 1992.

Contributor to Report on Excavation of Bronze-age Burial at Blawearie, North Northumberland.

Contributor to Medical Assessment of Egyptian Mummy Collection - Newcastle University. Hancock Museum. Data to be included on national Egyptology database.

Compiler for Beckinsall, S, Report lodged with English Heritage, British Museum and Northumberland County Archives. 1992

Compiler for Watson, L, Article in Newcastle Journal. 14 March 1992.

Four television documentaries made based on Macleod, R I, Dental Radiological Surgey of Egyption Mummy Collection, for BBC and Discovery channels

Co-presenter for BBC schools programme History Detective based on work on King Robert the Bruce 2000

Macleod, R I, Report on Excavation of Human Remains Adjacent to Hexham Abbey. March 1990. BBC Look North Presentation, June 1990


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