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HoM MA Student recalls course of 2011-2012

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Janelle Winters recalls her experience with the Northern Centre for the History of Medicine:

History of Medicine at Newcastle offers a great combination of small size and big thinking. The small size of the department encouraged (and often forced!) me to voice my ideas in class and helped foster lots of one-on-one discussions with professors. It also allowed me to cultivate a cohesive group of friends who shared my passion for quirky historical topics. Yet, perhaps most importantly, the professors stimulated students to think ‘big’. I was supported when I had research and dissertation ideas that fell outside of their direct field of expertise. In my experience, such flexibility is a rare treat in academia. Through this stimulation, I was able to develop my archival research experience, and I learned to write more succinctly and read more critically. Ultimately, I wrote original research papers on topics as diverse as artificial insemination in Early Modern Europe, naturopathic medicine during the American influenza pandemic, and cholera satire in Victorian England – and I had a lot of fun in the process.

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