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Pybus Seminars prior to May 2011 are not available via podcast; however, below is a list of past talks given at the public seminar series: 

Dr Samiksha Sehrawat (Newcastle University)
Medical Philanthropy in Colonial Punjab, c.1860-1920

Dr James Kennaway (University of Durham)
Syncopation, Sin and Pathology: American and European Discourse on Jazz as a Source of Disease?

Prof. Waltraud Ernst (Oxford Brookes University)
Colonialism and Transnational Psychiatry: The Case of the Ranchi Indian Mental Hospital, c. 1925-1940

Dr Emma Jones (University of Manchester)
Between Unrecognised Illness and Social Construct: Feminist Responses to Premenstrual Syndrome in 1970s and 1980s Britain

Dr Patrick Wallis (London School of Economics)
Seeking a Cure in Early Modern England: Medicine between the Family and the Marketplace

Dr Mark Jenner (University of York)
Taste and the Pulse in Augustan England

Dr Gayle Davis (University of Edinburgh)
The Logistics of Vital Statistics: Death Certification, the Medical Profession and the State in Earlier Twentieth-Century Britain

Dr Michael Brown (University of Manchester)
Abernethy vs. The Lancet: The Cultural Politics of Medical Knowledge in the Age of Reform

Dr Alysa Levene (Oxford Brookes University)
Dirt, Itch and Pox: Parish Medical Care for Children in Eighteenth-century London

Dr Erica Charters (University of Oxford)
Biological Warfare in the 18th Century: Military Medicine and the Ethics of War

Prof. Gideon Manning (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA)
Why Medicine Mattered to René Descartes and Why it Should Matter to Historians of Philosophy and Science

Dr Martina King (Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich)
Genius and Germs: How Literature Harmonizes Essentialist and Positivist Conceptions of Illness After 1900

Dr Julius Rocca (University of Exeter)
Galen’s teleology: a medical world-view of intelligent design

Dr David Gardner-Medwin (Newcastle)
William Turner (1508-1568) as a physician

Dr Monica Azzolini (University of Edinburgh)
Astrology and Politics at a Renaissance Court: The Sforza of Milan, 1450–1499

Prof. Steve King (Oxford Brookes University)
The particular claims of a woman and mother: sickness as rhetoric and strategy in the letters of poor women 1800–1840

Prof. Armelle Debru (Université Paris V)
Being human means to exercise: Galen’s route to knowledge, health and morality

Prof. Ulf Schmidt (University of Kent)
The Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial and the Legacy of the Nuremberg Code

Dr Guido Giglioni (The Warburg Institute, University of London)
The Physiological Foundations of Tommaso Campanella’s Theory of Magic

Prof. Paul Weindling (Oxford Brookes University)
Opposing the Nazi Racial State: The International Critique of Nazi Race Policies

Dr Projit B. Mukharji (Newcastle University)
Re-Visiting the Calcutta Plague, 1896-98: Diagnosing a Neo-Hindu Modernity

Prof. John Pickstone (University of Manchester)
Professionals, Industry and the Political Economy of Medical Devices: The Artificial Hip in the UK and the US since WWII

Dr Ivan Crozier (Edinburgh University)
The Trial of Ronald True

Dr Lorenzo Perilli (University of Rome Tor Vergata and Lumsa)
Medical Books and Medical Libraries in Classical Greece

Dr Kirsi Lorentz (Newcastle University)
Bones of beauty: Shaping the head in the prehistoric Near East and Eastern Mediterranean

Dr Caroline Petit (University of Manchester)
Galen on Pharmacology

Dr Christoph Lũthy (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
The Forgotten Meaning of “Mechanical” in Seventeenth-Century Medicine and Philosophy

Dr Ruth Richardson (University of Hertfordshire & Cambridge University)
Medical Ethics and the Arts – A Georgian Controversy


Pybus: "Tropical Training for Colonial Nurses: 1899-1960"

Added 09 May 2012 | Duration 50 minutes 56 seconds
Dr Rosemary Wall, Imperial College London and King’s College London

Pybus: "The Drug Trade in Colonial India"

Added 16 November 2011 | Duration 35 minutes 24 seconds
Dr Nandini Bhattacharya, University of Leicester

Pybus: "The body in pain and tales of redemption and damnation during the wars of religion"

Added 19 October 2011 | Duration 45 minutes 51 seconds
Dr Luc Racaut, Newcastle University

Pybus: "'Stand Up Straight': Posture and the Meanings Attributed to the Upright Body"

Added 12 October 2011 | Duration 48 minutes 12 seconds
Prof Sander L. Gilman, Emory University

Pybus: "Collecting Knowledge for the Family: Household Recipe Books in Early Modern England"

Added 08 June 2011 | Duration 43 minutes 7 seconds
Dr Elaine Leong, University of Cambridge

Pybus: "The Hospital Crisis in Post-War Britain and France: Leeds and Lille, 1918-28"

Added 25 May 2011 | Duration 45 minutes 44 seconds
Prof Barry Doyle, University of Huddersfield

Pybus: "Madness and Passions in Early Modern Spain"

Added 04 May 2011 | Duration 43 minutes 16 seconds
Dr Elena Carrera, Queen Mary, University of London
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